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Sometimes, I like an album enough that I listen to it daily, or at least, a few times a week. Which is the case with this album, Kyuss’s ‘Blues for the Red Sun’ from 1992. Not only do I want to listen to the music, I also want to spread the word about it to others. Hence, this blog post. Why do I listen to an album from 1992, you say? Well, in the following post I try to convince you to give it a try (Youtube links incoming after the jump!).

I’ll start out with the reason how I know about Kyuss, which fell apart in 1995, when I was just 4 years old. This is due to me being a fan of Queens of the Stone Age, which features Josh Homme as frontman, both doing the vocals and lead guitar. Josh was one of the founding members of Kyuss, thus my thirst for music as a teen led me to Kyuss. I originally had only a few songs in my iTunes playlist, but this changed a few weeks ago when I was looking for some ‘new’ additions to my music library.

This resulted in me acquiring ‘Blues for the Red Sun’, the second studio album by Kyuss, and in my opinion the best. It defined its own genre, Stoner Rock (also known as Stoner Metal or Desert Rock). Other well-known Stoner Rock bands are ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ and ‘Wolfmother’. The music itself seems to derive its origins from bands like Black Sabbath. The genre is almost dead,  Queens of the Stone Age have switched to a more mainstream sound, leaving Wolfmother as the only mainstream band to abide by the genre. The music itself features a low, droning guitar base, with repeating higher-pitched riffs, and raw vocals (but no grunting or screaming). Drums are heavily featured which results in a ‘swaying’ sound. I’ll give you an example:

‘Thumb’ is the opening song of the album, which is followed by ‘Green Machine’. The third track, ‘Molten Universe’, kicks it back a little, but the fourth track is arguably the best song on the album. Even though it’s quite heavy, I find it relaxing to listen to. Not everyone might think the same, but this song just seems to tack me on a journey within my own mind. Not surprisingly, the song is called ’50 Million Year Trip’. Listen to it yourself and judge it yourself:
The rest of the album is a good mix between slower intermezzo’s and catchy, soothing hardrock. Wikipedia classifies the album as Heavy Metal, but I disagree. This isn’t metal. This is Stoner Rock.

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