Tagliatelle al Tonno con Olive Verde

Since moving out of my parents’ house, there’s one dish I absolutely love to make. I got the original recipe from a friend and improved it by myself. I’m going to explain how to make it, so you can enjoy it yourself.

What you need (6 persons):

– 3 cans of tuna (in olive oil)
– 2 cans of crème fraîche (2x 33cl)
– 2 big juicy white onions
– 2 toes of garlic
– 1 can of concentrated tomato
– 1 can of green, de-pitted olives.
– 2 small cans of green pesto (or a single big one)
– herbs and spices: parsley, oregano, basil, black pepper  and salt.
– 2 bags of tagliatelle (flat spaghetti)
– 2 bags of cheese

First of, you may want to slice those onions and garlic. dice them up real good, especially the garlic. Nobody likes big chunks of garlic in their food. Open up the cans of tuna and drain them above a pan, you want to use this delicious, tuna-tasting olive oil for your onions and garlic. Heat up the fire and fruit the unions and garlic together, until it starts getting soft and a little golden colored.

Put the tuna into the pan with your onions and garlic. Give it a good stir and turn down the heat. You may now slice the olives, after you’ve drained them ofcourse. Just cut them in halves, to let the flavor run through your food, but not all of it. Toss them in with your tuna and onions. another good stir. You may want to turn the fire up again, to speed it up a bit. Just keep stirring until your tuna starts to dry.

When your tuna is as good as dried up, open up the crème fraîche and toss it in. It is easier when you pinch the lower half of the cup, this way it will fall out entirely. Open up your can of tomato extract and throw it in too. Stir. Keep stirring. Now for the pesto. You may want to use a spoon to get it all out, or you can put a little bit of water into the nearly empty cans, put on the lid, give it a shake, and voila: pourable pesto. Stir that shit up. Turn down the heat, again. Just let it cook for a while.

Being the cook that you are, you’ve already put a big pan with water onto the fire. Throw in a bit of olive oil and some salt. Check the bag for how long the pasta has to cook. If it says 12 minutes, do 8. You want the pasta to be al dente, trust me.

That’s about it. Now serve it, put some cheese on top, and there you have it: the most delicious pasta. I’m not counting any calories, that would probably make me unhappy.

PS: I’m aware it looks like puke. But it’ll be the most delicious puke you’ve ever eaten.

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