WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [10] (Week 14, 2012)

UPDATE: added the header. Waddaya think?

Hey there, time for a quick update. I don’t have much time, because I’m writing this on a university computer. I have to go to class in exactly 30 minutes, so I’ll write what comes to mind these next few minutes.

Saturday saw the first (official) iteration of ‘The5’, and I think it was a success. I made a banner/header for the post, and I will use those more often for my weekly columns. I originally wanted to use one for this weeks Weekly, but since I’m at the university right now, I can’t upload it. It has been made, but I can’t put it in the post. So, I’ll update this post once I get home.

These past few days have been a rollercoaster ride. Since the april fool’s joke, which I thought was really well-executed, I have been busy. I had an assignment due on that same sunday, so I had to work on that, and I had another assignment due monday. Sunday night, my housemates and me decided to go to a bar for a few drinks. A few turned into a lot, so I didn’t really feel that great on monday morning.

Monday, however, would result into another drinking-binge. We, as a house, had won an auction for a massage from a first years girl-yearclub. Monday evening would be the day they came over, and I was still a bit hung over. I could’ve used a massage. But, we decided to not creep the girls out, and instead of receiving backrubs we would have a party, as to showcase are hospitality.

The party was great right up until the end. When we decided to leave for Minerva, two police cars came driving towards us. The neighbours had given noise complaints. They asked for an ID, so I gave them mine. In hindsight, this might not have been the right course of action, as they proceeded to write down my details. We, as a house, received a yellow card, which means we can’t have any other complaints for six months, or they will confiscate our sound system and we will receive a fine.

On Tuesday, I decided to keep it quiet. My housemates all went to Njord, a rowing club, for another party, but I had had enough. I woke up at 6 due to them drunkenly arriving home, and decided to stay awake as I had to go to the university anyway. When I left, I saw two girls whispering in the hallway. Not having expected this, I wished them good morning and walked out the door, still puzzled as to what and why they were in my house, and what they were doing.

Well, this was most of my week. I have to go now, class and such. If you had anything interesting going on in your week, please, feel free to tell me about it in the comments. Even if you didn’t have anything interesting going on but you still want to comment, feel free in doing so.

Signing off,


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