90’s DTM in Italy recap, announcement Mini-Competition #5!

Another succesful edition of the 90’s DTM mini-competition last night means we’re continuing on with another one. Before I’ll announce the tracks for next week, let us recap what the hell happened yesterday, when we took our German (and two Italian) cars down south to sunny Italy!

If you’d like, you could watch my VOD of yesterday’s mini-competition on my Twitch-channel!

90’s DTM #4: Viva Italia!

Competition number four had 16 registrations, of which 14 made it into the server. First of all, a big thank you to those taking the time to race with us. I hope you enjoyed! But now: lets see what those 14 were up to!

Race 1: Vallelunga

The Roman hills of Vallelunga were our first venue. Hat Waeijen was able to make the tifosi proud by putting his Alfa on pole position for the race with a blistering 1:18.692. Not far off was, surprisingly, myself with a 1:18.774. Jeroen Jongen rounded out the top three with a 1:18.936.

I was unable to profit from my second place start as my car bogged down off the line in the worst way possible, dropping to sixth. I was able to climb back up to fourth (with some questionable moves), but a further mistake cost me dearly by putting myself in the wall closely followed by Pavel who focussed too much on my braking point, adding insult to injury.

At the front of the field it was DUB STAR who quickly climbed the ranks, but his running out of fuel meant Jeroen Jongen was able to nab victory in the dying moments of the race. Hat Waeijen came in third, but was still able to post the race’s fastest laptime (1:19.024).

Race 2: Monza Junior (1966)

From the Roman hills to the Lombardian plains of Monza, the second race was at Monza’s junior track in the 1966 version of said track. With just four turns and two straights, this 50-second lap proved to be quite the chaotic endeavour.

Hat Waeijen was once again able to make the Tifosi cheer by driving his Alfa to pole position (52.427). Swa cura was a close second (52.494), while Jeroen Jongen was an even closer third (52.507). Talking about closeness: 11th position (Robbert de Rooij) came in at 52.868, just 0.441 behind pole position!

The race was, as expected, a messy one. Once the dust had settled, it was DUB STAR who was able to put his car on the top flight of the podium. Dub star came in second, followed by swa cura. Fastest lap was driven by Pavel Dolezal (52.604), but he was unable to make it to the finish line.

Race 3: Mugello

From the Lombardian plains back to the hills. Tuscan hills, this time, for the sweeping Mugello track was our third and final track on the list.

Jeroen Jongen took pole position in a time of 2:01.243. Second place, in a time of 2:01.573, went to dub star. Guido Trampe’s 2:01.678 meant a third place on the grid for him.

At the start, I was able to climb from fourth to second. I quickly noticed Jeroen Jongen was simply too fast, as he was able to put a gap between us. A mistake meant I was sent back to fifth. Behind Jongen, DUB STAR was holding second, while swa cura and dub star fought hard but fair over third position. Unfortunately, swa cura lost control. DUB STAR once again running out of fuel meant that dub star was able to finish second, with myself in third.

Mini-Competition Result

The aformentioned happenings mean we have a new champion in our midst, none other than Jeroen Jongen by winning two out of three races. DUB STAR finished in second, with dub star in third. The full results table can be seen below.

Mini-Competition #5

Our next mini-competition (already number five!) will bring us to….


First, we’ll be heading to Silverstone. We’ll be driving Kunos’ official Silverstone National layout. Second, we’ll be going to Brands Hatch. On Brands, we’ll be driving around the tiny Indy layout. Our third venue of the night will see us race Donington Park. Donington, like Brands, will be a return venue. This time, however, we’ll be doing the full Grand Prix layout!

For the latter, you will need the mod available on RaceDepartment, available here.

Mini-Competition #5 is open for registration now. Register here!

Other upcoming events

We have a few other events upcoming, which you can register to below if you have a Simracing.GP account:

Don’t have a Simracing.GP account? Email me at contact@felixdicit.com and I will send you an invitation!

More info on the Ginetta cup can be read here

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