Today, some housemates that have been rowing for over a year now, invited me to come and train with them. Big mistake. Remember how I only did 2x 10 minutes yesterday? Their normal training regime consists of 2x 22 minutes. Being stubborn, I would do the same. Another big mistake. Well, I did hold it together for the first set, but the second was miserable. I was about to throw up, my head was throbbing with each heartbeat, and stars flew before my eyes. I was pretty close to fainting, but I did pull through. Results, again, after the jump. And if anybody is wondering, yes, I did wear the same clothes as yesterday. There’s no point in making another set filthy as well.

1st 22 minutes:

As you can see, I kept an average of 2:16,4 seconds per 500 meter. This resulted in 4,839 kilometers in total.

2nd 22 minutes:

As you can see, it is considerably slower than the first set, with only 2:25.8 seconds per 500 meters on average. This resulted in only 4,526 kilometers. Together, however, I did 9,365km, over 44 minutes. On average, that’s 12,77 km/h. Not bad, for a second training. I hope to see some improvements later, but I doubt if I will train again tomorrow. My body is killing me at the moment, and the only thing I want to do now is take a nice soothing shower.

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