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ROWING: Day 3 0


Can you hear that? Yes? Wonder what it is? It’s the sound of progress! Yeah baby! After yesterday, I didn’t think I would row again today. Guess what. I was wrong. Pure Madness. But look at those numbers. Despite my blistered fingers, my stomach that hurts like hell, I’ve beaten my times from sunday. The first set of 10 minutes went in an average of 2:10.2, as opposed to 2:12.4. The second went in 2:12.9, which was previously 2:16.9 seconds per 5oom. It’s not much, but it’s only the first...

ROWING: Day 2 0


Today, some housemates that have been rowing for over a year now, invited me to come and train with them. Big mistake. Remember how I only did 2x 10 minutes yesterday? Their normal training regime consists of 2x 22 minutes. Being stubborn, I would do the same. Another big mistake. Well, I did hold it together for the first set, but the second was miserable. I was about to throw up, my head was throbbing with each heartbeat, and stars flew before my eyes. I was pretty close to fainting,...

ROWING: Day 1 0


Today I felt like rowing. No, I’m not the rowing equivalent of Forrest Gump. But I did went to Njord to row. It’s been almost a year since my last time on one of these machines, so I expected to fail miserably. But, as it turned out, I wasn’t that bad. Yeah, it could’ve been much better, but I was still able to keep a steady pace. Results are after the jump: