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After my earlier unexpected overnight success (about which you can read all about here) I wanted to press on and do more drawings using Illustrator. I first tried my hand at something realistic looking, but soon noticed I had not yet gained the experience needed in order to complete said design to a satisfactory level, so progress on that project slowly came to a halt. Suddenly, I found myself wondering what to do. However, not long after, I scribbled something on paper which soon gave me an excellent idea, and so I went to work.

The result are the following designs, based on 90’s era Formula 1 cars. Below, I will put up a preview picture. Click said picture, and you will immediately be brought to the RedBubble storefront from which you can buy that particular design. If you want a particular design but can’t find it, I have a spreadsheet set up to take suggestions and/or requests – feel free to add yours here, so I can make more F1 Cartoon Cars.

EDIT: New design is up, based on 2017 model:

1990 McLaren – Ayrton Senna

1992 Williams – Nigel Mansell


1994 Benetton – Michael Schumacher


1994 Williams – Ayrton Senna


1996 Ferrari – Michael Schumacher

1998 McLaren – Mika Hakkinen


With all these cars, you can create loads of compositions depicting historic moments in F1. Find them below!


1990 – Senna vs. Prost

1994 – Schumacher vs. Hill


And of course, all these drivers have teammates – if you prefer their teammate, find them here!

1990 McLaren – Alain Prost


1994 Benetton – Jos “The Boss” Verstappen

PS: I am still working on my full analysis of testing. Unfortunately, life got in the way, I’m not going to name an exact date but my aim is wednesday!

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