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Design: Fernando Alonso’s 2017 Indianapolis 500 helmet

Fernando Alonso. He’s having a hard time currently with the McLaren Honda in Formula 1. The two-time WDC winner with Renault started his career with Minardi scoring points on his debut. Moved to Renault, ended Schumacher’s reign by dominating the ’05 and ’06 season and left for McLaren. At McLaren, he was pushed out by Ron Dennis in favor of the then new talent Lewis Hamilton, only to return to Renault. He was picked up by Ferrari to replace Raikkonen in order to challenge the Red Bulls – a venture which ultimately ended in a lot of frustration and disappointment....

Design: 90’s F1 Cartoon Cars – Purchaseable on RedBubble

After my earlier unexpected overnight success (about which you can read all about here) I wanted to press on and do more drawings using Illustrator. I first tried my hand at something realistic looking, but soon noticed I had not yet gained the experience needed in order to complete said design to a satisfactory level, so progress on that project slowly came to a halt. Suddenly, I found myself wondering what to do. However, not long after, I scribbled something on paper which soon gave me an excellent idea, and so I went to work.