Wallpapers pt. 5: Ginetta Cup-edition!

As part of our (The Privateer’s Pitbox’) Ginetta Cup, I’ve been taking a lot of screenshots to use in the race recaps. Occasionally, I also edited some of them to create more hype for the championship itself. This post collects some of the best edits I made which, imho, are fit to adorn your desktops (i.e., totally free wallpapers)!

Below, I’ll not only show the original screenshot and its edit, but I’ll also explain what I did to the picture so you know what to look for if that’s of interest to you!

Ready? Here we go!

Zandvoort Prologue

Full size
Full size

Before we organized the first round of the Ginetta Cup, we held a little preview event to have people become accustomed to the lightweight GT4 car. I took this shot from the start and features, among others, extra rain, extra depth of field, a little zoom and motion blur and color corrections.

Race 1: Monza

Full size
Full size

I took this one from the closing stages of the first race of the season at Monza, where I was closely battling with Jeroen Jongen. In order to enhance the screenshot I implemented some zoom blur and what I like to call (by lack of a better name) “speed streaks” – those transparent white-ish streaks – to make the picture look more dynamic. Some colour-corrections and two minimal lens flares finish the job.

Race 2: Brands Hatch

Full size
Full size

Brands Hatch, our second race, was another wet affair, but you wouldn’t say so from my edit. I added various layers of blur. One on the foreground, one for the cars (except the yellow banana) and one for the background, to create the illusion of the camera swiveling to focus on Jeroen Jongen’s car who would go on to win the race.

To make it seem like the weather was clearing, I increased the lighting and contrast, as well as some saturation and vibrance. I also added some god-rays to the picture. I personally like them, but I can imagine some purists think they look cheap. I added a vignette to minimalize the impact of the god rays on the picture, and some film grain to finish it off.

Race 3: Laguna Seca

Full size
Full size

This picture of our third race (at Laguna Seca) is quite different in style to the other pictures. Instead of showing a dynamic and dramatic picture, I really wanted to increase the rustic nature of this picture. I took the sandy tones for which Laguna Seca is famous, and worked them into the picture. Some typology to denote the track, and a subtle vignette and film grain to bring it all together.

Race 4: Zolder

Full size
Full size

Round 4 at Zolder was a soaking wet race, so it’s only fair that the picture for this race accurately conveys this. I added varying levels of motion blur to the car. I put more spray coming from both the front (on the side) and rear wheels (at the back of the car). As a small detail, I added a reflection of the car’s taillights to the spray itself. Extra rain and a subtle vignette complement the picture.

Race 5: Silverstone

Full size
Full size

The first thing I did to this picture of the final race at Silverstone was swap out the skybox. I blurred it a bit to fit better into the depth of field of the original screenshot. Once the skybox was in place, I went all in on the dramatism of it.

I added a zoom blur, extra rain, a custom made lens flare, a semi-vignette (only bottom left and top right instead of all corners), some blurred rain (in a radial blur, actually) and a heavy dose of film grain to top it all off.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Felix!!!
    congratulations for your site and great races with Ginetta Cup. we´ve seen on yt
    You make great screenshots, so please would you make one for me please?, one with a GT3, Porsche Cup and a GT4 in the same image, i´m searching it for our next community league, if it would possible, i love how you take shots and add those great effects. Thank you very much

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Hi Anonymous! Unfortunately, I can’t just place certain cars in a session and take screenshots. However, if you ask some friends to do some formation driving with the cars you want in the picture and send me the replay file, I’d be happy to dive in the replay and take some screenshots for you!

Please, let me know what you think!