WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [19] (Week 23, 2012)


Hi there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been so terribly busy with writing my essays, I can’t say I have any motivation left to post here. But that’ll change. I promise. Next week will be all about the blog. This week? Not so much, unfortunately.

My first essay was finished two days ago, and I’m working on the second. The first argumented that Twitter, even though I ironically despise the medium, could very well form a new platform for political debate, with politicians having to answer to the people, and politicians attacking each other on the website.

This second one is a suggestion for a political research. It is due on friday, and I have about a 1000 words, without having a subject yet. I can’t seem to find a satisfying topic to talk about. How I did get a 1000 words? Citing. I’m citing the hell out of this bitch.

I’m now at work, and once I’m done with my duties, I can continue typing all night. Did you know, my best work has been delivered at night? Yeah.

Now I’m on the topic of work, I was just freaked out by an alarm going off. I thought it was the fire alarm, which wasn’t the cause. No, it was the dryer which had finished its course. That thing scared the hell out of me. 😐

Anyway, expect to get a barrage of updates next week. Not today, not until monday. You’ll have to wait. I’m sorry. That’s how the world works.

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WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [18] (Week 22, 2012)
TSIDDC: Leiden Skyline

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