The F1 ‘Oracle’ – Trying to predict the results for GP #13: Italy

In this series of posts I attempt to predict the top 10 of both the qualifying session and the race ahead of qualifying. I will enter these predictions on GuessTheGrid, a website which takes your top 10 predictions and ranks them against other’s.

Before I will present my prediction, let us take a look at how my prediction for the Belgian Grand Prix worked out.


Belgian GP Recap

This Belgian Grand Prix was a decent result for me points-wise, but others achieved better results meaning that I didn’t make any progress at all. The gap of 46 points to leader Kimiice further grew to 55 points. On the other hand, second place is ‘only’ 33 points away. The top ten is within 17 points of my current 22nd position. That is still something that is attainable.

Italian Prediction


What do you guys think? Does your prediction align with this one, or do you have a radically different opinion? Let me know, either in a comment, or on!

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This is the prediction for my alternative account (FelixDicitDotCom) on GuessTheGrid. On the website, you are able to predict right up until the start of qualifying and the race. I suggest you use the information gained from FP3 to change your prediction for the Qualifying session. And, you can use Qualifying to adapt your prediction for the race. This is a strategy I will employ on my main account (FelixR1991). Some might think this is cheating. Ultimately, it does not matter – since I have no knowledge ahead of the session about the result. Spreading my options between the accounts won’t work for the grand tally, as I won’t know which is the better prediction.

Previous posts in this series:

  1. Melbourne, Australia (36 points)
  2. Shanghai, China (44 points)
  3. Sakhir, Bahrain (34 points)
  4. Sochi, Russia (42 points)
  5. Barcelona, Spain (29 points)
  6. Monte Carlo, Monaco (25 points)
  7. Montreal, Canada (39 points)
  8. Baku, Azerbaijan (21 points)
  9. Spielberg, Austria (34 points)
  10. Silverstone, Great Britain (39 points)
  11. Hungaroring, Hungary (37 points)
  12. Spa Franchorchamps, Belgium (43 points)

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